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Our latest fleet addition

Never to young to learn
14 years oid

BBcue day at MBLAFS

bbcue day


Will Collins - Passenger Endorsement
Will Collins- Navigation
Will Collins Pilots Certificate
Chris Atkinson - Nav Test
Andrew Kroehn- Navigation Theory
Chris Atkinson - Pilots Certificate
Ricky Xu - 1st solo
Nick Duncan - Pilots Certificate
Michael Edgar -Navigation Endorsement

Navigation Exam- Passed
Chris Taylor
Michael Obst
Nick Duncan
Will Collins
Chris Morton
Ariez Vachha
Cooper Harvey


Remember - MBLAFS BBcue
1st Saturday each month



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New Instructor

Ian McDonald joins our instructor team. Meet Ian here


Why learn to fly with us?

Good question?

1. Located just 80kms from Adelaide S.A, Murray Bridge has some of SA's best flying weather.
2. We have an enviable safety record. Safety is always our No1 concern.
3. All aircraft are modern, Australian made Jabiru's, and all are EXCEPTIONALLY well maintained.
4. We have a great team of passionate Senior Instructors to teach you with all aspects of your flying..

If you want to learn to fly and live in Adelaide metro, the Adelaide Hills, or Murraylands, look no further.
You have just landed on SA's foremost recreational flying school. Come and learn with us TODAY.

Another addition to our aircraft fleet - Review

We have just added another aircraft to our extensive fleet. A beautiful Gazelle. 80hp 912 Rotax engine. A great aircraft to fly with dual controls and legendry reliability and safety. Easy to fly and land, gentle and well mannered flight characteristics.

Learn to fly

Founded in 2001 by Mike Chapman, a Level 2 Maintenance Authority, Murray Bridge Light Aircraft Flying School (MBLAFS) is committed to the principle that everyone should be able to enjoy the rewarding and exciting experience of flight. Recreational aviation in Australia is a well kept secret. Recreational Pilots can fly almost anywhere in Australia except controlled airspace, e.g. Parafield or Adelaide airports in SA for example.

We provide the community with thorough, safe and affordable flight instruction. Our highly qualified and diverse flight training instructors offer a wide spectrum of experience and training focused on your individual goals.

Mike offers affordable trial flights for those interested in discovering the feel and the thrill of controlling an aircraft.

Safety and Fun

Whether you're completely new to aviation or have flown aircraft before, Recreational flying is the way to fly that is easier, more affordable, safe, and loads of FUN! So, climb aboard, take the controls, and launch new adventures in recreational aviation today!

Nobody forgets the first time they fly an aircraft on their own. It’s just you, you are in command and even though you have some ways to go until you get your certificate, you become a pilot. It is an amazing experience!

Mike Chapman – Owner and Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)












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Latest Prices

  • Current prices - Jabiru J160 and 170 H&F $160 per/h. With instructor $180 p/h
  • Current prices - Jabiru J230 H&F $180 per hour. With instructor $200 p/h
  • Trial Instruction Flight for $90
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