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A Recreational Pilots Certificate (Recreational Aviation Australia) is the best starting point for pilot training. Completing the initial stage of flight training in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) is the most efficient and cost-effective path for learning to fly.

Murray Bridge Light Aircraft Flying School (MBLAFS) is your home for Light Sport Aircraft Training.  Consider us your first choice in safety and quality aviation — whether you’re a fourteen  looking for the place to start your flying career, or you’ve just retired and are dreaming of an affordable yet invigorating leisure pursuit.

Our Pilot Training program represents a new, safe, fun, and affordable way to fly. Sport Pilots are limited by regulation to flying only Light Sport category aircraft (LSA).  The Certificate allows those interested in flight to obtain their rating in half the time and for approximately half the cost of a traditional Private Pilot Licence.


We operate a fleet of exceptionally well maintained Australian built Jabiru aircraft including all three current Jabiru models. the J160, J170 and the 6 cylinder J230.

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