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Discovery Flight

The best gift you can give to anyone who loves flight

Trial Flight

Give a gift that is exciting, educational and memorable all rolled into one. If someone you know thinks they want to learn to fly, this is how you let them find out.

If they know they want to learn to fly, this is how you get them started. So make the dream possible. A gift certificate will give them the opportunity to experience flight first hand in our Jabiru aircraft.

Our introductory flights can be enjoyed year round by people from 9 to 109 years old! These lessons last about an hour and your gift recipient will actually fly the plane. They will climb, descend, turn and learn how the airplane operates.

Gift certificates can also be purchased for full hour lessons if an introductory flight is just not enough time in the air for your aviator!

Purchase with PayPal

60 minute $230

We'll email your certificate

on receipt of payment

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